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M.A.I Arif has worked in all segments of the garments industry from textile research to retail sales. He is a consultant to several garments manufacture. He has assisted in Sourcing, Merchandising, Marketing, Design, Pattern, Technical and Sample, Quality, Production, and Retail Management science 2008. M.A.I Arif is the author of the fashion and retail industry. And he has business in this sector. His born 25-May, 1985. In Bangladeshi by birth. General Degree BA and MBA of Marketing and Merchandising 2010. 14 years of running experience in the textile sector. He always wanted to grow a new generation in the industry with an amazing experience to better the future for the industries. For that Ovi Tex. The author created the page for textile learners or textile beginners. And, if anyone wants to share her experience or authentic information in textile related in this page Ovi Tex. The author always appreciates it and welcomes them. Truly love textile creators.