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Accessories Supplier Sourcing for Buyer:

Accessories Supplier Sourcing for Buyer: Here several companies are contacted from the very beginning for developing the samples and if the samples are developed and the price is satisfied then the supplier is contacted. Here, competitive price and quality are mandatory for sourcing. Again, if the buyer nominates the supplier or manufacturer, the sourcing must be from there. Before setting the actual price the supplier or manufacturer is requested to provide a PI (Proforma Invoice).  A simple mail is sent to the supplier requesting to send a PI either hard copy or soft copy in the mail while a phone call may also be available to arrange PI of an item.

Global Fashion Company:

If the supplier is nominated by the buyer, the procedure of the communication is very simple as all the product-related issues are authentically buyers’ specifications and the other inescapable events such as price, quality, quantity, or the delivery date are also established through the buyers’ concern. In the case of buyers’ nominated sourcing, the supplier cannot conceal the exact price for the essentials. One thing should be kept in mind that in case of the sourcing through buyer, any kind of objectionable issue especially in quality and delivery (in time), definitely entails the buyers’ responsibility too. The factory can easily show volatile cause for the unexpected matter for the overall situation indeed. However, buyers also nominate such suppliers who would certainly provide the good ones also. So in this case, the high price should not be unexpected. As the overall production absolutely depends on the smooth delivery of the raw materials so the proper timing must be ensured.

Global Fashion Importer:

However general PI received from the supplier in the case of knowing the items’ price (though the item should be acceptable by buyer or buyer nominated concern) but this price is not the specified for sustain as this is an offer price by the supplier of the goods.


The supplier may provide the hard copy of PI or soft copy over mail.

However, a PI of a company offering the price is given on the next page.


The supplier is contacted for the good or submission of the item so that the buyer would accept it from its all point of view mainly:

Color, Shading, Quality, Construction, Origin, Ingredient/composition, Size, Styling, Strength, etc.


(Various items include various characteristics to judge indeed).  However, here, the buyer’s specification and the comments in regards to the item are vital for its being qualified or not.


When the price is settled well and the other terms and conditions are practicable then the booking is given in respect of the purchasing of the essentials. For example, a booking of an item (Thread) is given on the next page.


Ovi Tex Ltd.

Plot No. Dhaka. Bangladesh.


Date: December- Our Ref: 9230W Ladies Capri


To: Fabian Accessories Ltd.

Attn: Mr. XYZ

From: Mr. XYZ


Ref: Thread Purchase Sheet

We would like to place an order for the following items as the price settled earlier (as per your PI)


Items Description & Quantity:

SL No.

Thread Color

Thread Count

Total Thread Cones.




1,026 Cones


1,584 Cones




626  Cones


917 Cones

Total Thread Required (In Cones)

4,153 Cones


Shipping Information & Condition:


1. Ship to :                  

Plot No.-


Savar, Dhaka.


2. Price:                       As settled,

3. Payment:                 L/C (Back to Back L/C) At 90 Days Sight,

4. Remarks:                 Quality and quantity must be accurate. If any discrepancy is found,

Your company will be charged the claim accordingly.

5. SMPL Sub:                         Within 3 days after issuing the PO (Purchase Order).

6. Bulk Delivery:         3-5 days after the sample approval.

7. Transport:                Upon Seller’s responsibility to our warehouse in Ashulia.

8. Offer Valid:            15 days after the date of issue of PO.


Thanks & Best Regards,                                                                      Confirmed by


XYZ                                                                                                Signature with Company Chop.


Usually, this booking is valid if the buyer approves the submitted samples provided by the supplier. The buyer may change the submitted samples with regards to variation in case of any quality or quantity. The supplier may be allowed to submit the sample or lab dip (the actual quality sustaining every requirement).


If the supplier’s submitted item is approved by the buyer from all points of view as color, shape, shade, quality and other issues related to the items or the items may need to be certified by the buyer asked certification concerns like Okeo-Tex Test, etc. However, If all the criteria are satisfied by both of the concerns i.e. buyer and manufacturer, and the presented PI (Proforma Invoice) is satisfactory by the manufacturer and the amount specified is acceptable then an application (to the concerned bank where the Master L/C has been opened in favors of the manufacturer by the buyer) for new Back To Back L/C against the master L/C is submitted.


All L/C-related activities are conducted by the commercial department of the company. The commercial personnel is generally recruited specially for the uninterrupted connection with the bank through which the company conducts the transactions with the foreign country/buyers. They (the commercial personnel) are engaged with the documentary tasks as for L/C opening, L/C amendment, acceptance, debt collection, shipment procedural activities, communication to the C & F (clearing and forwarding), forwarder, cargo maintenance, cargo clearance, proper time schedule maintenance of shipment, etc.


However, the general procedure for opening a Back to Back L/C is to fill up a specified form of L/C application which is used internally especially fulfilled by merchandisers (initial stage). The filled-up form was then sent to the Commercial department of the company.


The commercial dept. then takes proper initiatives to open the L/C satisfying the other essentials if the merchandisers skip any of the items required.

At the time of opening a back-to-back L/C, the merchandiser is to attach the PI (Proforma Invoice) along with the L/C opening form to the commercial dept.


An L/C opening form contains the items as given on the next page.

*The application should be in the company’s printed form.

*Submission date i.e. the on which the application is submitted.

*Master L/C issuance date and Number.

*Name of the buyer (Garments’ buyer who opened the master L/C in favor of the factory.

*Back To Back L/C’s beneficiary name.

*The PI Amount/value as per settled with the supplier.

*Period of Back to Back L/C Tenor/time.

*The item’s description i.e. the description of the garment, for example, Men’s trousers/ Ladies’ shorts, etc.

*The style name or no of the garments.

*Total order quantity of the garments which must be the same for PO (Purchase Order & Master L/C).

*Last date of garments shipment.

*Back to back L/C ship date.

*Negotiation period i.e. the settled time period within which the back to back L/C items must be shipped

 Accordingly in the settled place or factory address.


*Extra option for particular items which are included in the category for which BTMEA (Bangladesh Textile Manufacturer and Exporters Association) certificate is required.


*Option for the requirement of UD which is the abbreviated form of Utilization Declaration (the UD is generally issued by the BGMEA- Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association)


*In the case of Shell fabric and Pocketing, the extra items are to be full filled as beneath:

The garments style no/name.

*Order quantity.

*Particulars of the fabric or pocketing i.e. the construction of the fabric for example, for shell fabric: 72% Cotton, 27% polyester, and 1% spandex denim.

*Fabric width i.e. the cuttable or normal width.

*Fabric required for overall qty.

*Fabric consumption per dozen or piece.


*Signatures of Concerned merchandiser, commercial executive, Accountant, and Managing Director.

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