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Buyer procedures of order initiation:

Buyer procedures of order initiation:  The buyer wants first whether the company is inclined to initiate new orders either old ones or new ones.  If the response is positive i.e. if the company wants to conduct the new business, various buyer instructed ways are to be followed /satisfied.


The major procedures can be cited beneath:

The buyer directly or indirectly provides a sample or sample sketch or sample measurement and wants to know the company’s inclination. If the company inclines and feasible to conduct the order then various activities are to be done.

** The buyer can provide the sample (actual sample or similar sample mentioning some correction or change in style or design or any items used here.

** The buyer specifies the construction of the fabric, the accessories/trims used as pocketing, interlining, rivets, button, thread, sticker, poly, level, barcode, carton, shipment procedure, etc.


As the actual production of a garment is the same for the existing as well as a new buyer so this report will be; focusing the production procedure to the ultimate shipment. This is why the two buyers (existing & new one) oriented production process will be described following the basic issues and essentials of the procedural activities of the order sets and other initiatives prior to the final production and in-process activities.


In the previous sub-point, I started explaining the procedure of the steps of conduct the order of the existing buyer which may be cited:


** Firstly, the buyer is communicated to provide a new order.

** If the buyer is inclined to conduct the business with the company then some documents are sent by them.

** The buyer may also send actual sample(s),

** The buyer may personally or his nominated buying house personnel or any person may visit the factory,

** Several discussions may be conducted between the buyer and the factory,


If the above-mentioned issues (or any type of communication) have occurred then the measures are generally taken; these are also the same as the task of the new buyer. In this position, now I would like to explain the general procedure of the involvement of the new buyer in the production as a business opportunity.


Business with the new buyer:

In the case of business with the new buyer first of all the procedures are generally maintained as bellow:

** From somehow the address of the buyer is collected ensuring that the buyer is generally conducting the garments as we are specialized.

** If the buyer is in our country visit (for another factory), to attract to visit our country is tried by other person or buying a house.

** If the buyer is abroad, e-mail communication is made to contact his concern.

** If the communication attracts him/her, he wants to know regarding various issues of the company.

** The buyer is served the company’s profile which is the summary of the various issues as;

* Company profile in brief,

* The historical background of the establishment of the business firm,

* Company at a glance,

* The main objectives of the business comprise the various issues mainly the main product produced.

* Management philosophy,

* Words from the management,

* The focusing of the specialized sector i.e. at which garments are mainly produced; Designer Jeans Ltd is generally specialized in Bottom which means; pant, shorts, skirts, and other bottom items although the company manufacture some top part items viz. Jacket, Jeans shirt Kids overall, etc.

* Listing of the backward linkage machinery,

* Listing of the sources of the raw materials,

* The list of the main buyer,

* The linkage washing center(s),

* Listing of the sophisticated machinery,

* Environmental condition,

* The list of the concerned personnel (workers & officers),

* Organization chart focusing the chain of command of the company

* Existing business,

* Before and present time turnover,

* Projected turnover during the future/following year,

* Some special photos of the factory premises including inside and outside of the factory building,

* Factory location sustaining the map and other information,

* Factory capacity especially the building capacity,

* Production capacity,

* Listing of the main machines and other equipment,

* Management team,

* Social responsibility,

* Training,

* Quality statement,

* Major marketing channels,

* Design & Development,

* Clientele in detail,

* Competence,

* Delivery system,

* Vision,

* And ultimately “Thanks”


This profile is specially designed for this company and in the case of any changing of the existing business or buyer or garments produced here or any department or any business strategy, the updating & upgrading of changing the profile is mandatory.  This report will be concluded by inserting the latest profile at the end.

Usual letter mailed to a buyer to attract to involve in the business is like below;


Hi/Dear Mr. Thomson,

Expect you are well.

We could know regarding you from Mr. Jayson, our business adviser in Europe. We could know that you have been sourcing RMG (Readymade Garments) esp. Denim & twill items of bottom part from our country for a long time.


Our company is also specialized in bottom items of the same fabric. At present we are mainly exporting our garments to the USA, UK, and Europe. Although our launching is a very short period by this time, we have been able to seek the proximity i.e. good business relation with some world-renowned garments buyer.


Overall, we maintain our business through L/C and the L/C sight is 90 to 120 days preferably 90 days. Our business dimension is expanding with some of the world-renowned buyers day by day. Our all fabrics and accessories/ trims are imported from Honk Kong, China, Pakistan, etc.


Since our inception, we have been certified by various world-renowned audit concerns viz. ITS, SGS, GSV, BSCI, WAL*MART, LI & FUNG, OKAIDI (through QAM), etc. Every time, we have been certified positively.

Our employees are the most efficient persons involved in the RMG sector and our factory is located beside the DEPZ arena which facilitates the smooth export system as a whole.

For the general view of our company details, we have attached our company profile with this mail.

Expect you would be our side in setting new business opportunity & prompt reply.


Best Regards,


Ovi Tex  Ltd,

Eastern Housing, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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