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When the inspection is conducted at the time of the production running to justify the expected quality of the production is known as in-line production. Several buyers conduct the inline in several ways or from several points of view. Generally, the existing production status, the production quality as for the sewing standard, measurement position, materials used for production, shading position (if the garments are returned from the washing plant), the finishing status, etc are vastly justified in the in-line inspection. IF the quantities of the garments are huge and the buyers are sensitive, the inspection (in-line inspection) may be conducted several times. Usually, a full-time QC (quality controller) is engaged in the production plant to monitor and control the overall production status by the buyers or by the buying houses. From time to time, he reports to the production prime person about the production status to ensure the best quality. The buying QC is very much responsible to ensure the expected product quality and quantity to meet the shipment date. The QC emphasizes the overall production easily and his strong evaluation and controlling quality can make the garments entail the expected quality indeed. His strong supervision also denotes the inline production satisfactorily. He also emphasizes in-line inspection as he knows everything regarding the production.

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In the inline inspection, any kind of objectionable issue i.e. in production fluctuation or any dissimilarity can easily be checked and the garments may easily get new acceleration for smooth going on. In case of a big volume of production, the preliminary inspection acts revitalization for the whole production-related concerns. The inline inspection ensures the adoptable significations for the smooth flow of production ensuring the buyers’ specification for quality, measurement, and workmanship.  

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FRI: (Final Random Inspection)

The elaboration of FRI is Final Random Inspection. When the ferments are ready i.e. all the procedural activities are accomplished to ship the garments to the right destination as buyers specify, the garments are to be inspected by the buyers or by the agent of the buyers or the third party. This inspection is termed FRI. The FRI is a very sensitive issue for garments shipment. It has already been discussed that the garments must be well and acceptable from all points of view to attract the consumers.

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The buyers of the garments always want to examine the goods whether they (garments) have been properly made and the specifications especially for the measurement, quality, and workmanship have been properly maintained.

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In the initial period of the garments making, the buyers specify the mode of inspection of the garments i.e. how the garments would be inspected and how the specifications of the buyers should be made. The final inspection of the garments easily depends on the inline inspection as learning from the inline inspection if rapt precautionary activities are adopted the production may smoothly bear its proper acceleration.

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For the final random inspection, all the garments should be ready to present or to ship to the final destination ensuring all the attachments with the garments as for the proper folding, packaging, photo board, hangtag, poly, carton, enlisting the proper shipping marks, etc. The inspection starts (as it is earlier established the schedule) at the proper time after all the preparations have been fulfilled. All the cartons of the garments are ready and kept in stag at a place. The buyers or the agent or the third party (confirmed by the vendor and buyer) generally point(s) on some of the cartons as per his/their choice. Then the cartons are taken to the inspection room ensuring adequate light and a wide table. The cartons are selected randomly so the final inspection is termed a final random inspection. The cartons are opened in front of the production representative i.e. GM, PM, QM, FI, and the presence of the respective merchandiser(s) is a must. The garments are removed from the cartons as well as the poly and the strictly the overall features of the garments are inspected. The carton must include the proper ratio and/or the proper color or size or style (as the buyers specify).    The garments must conform to the established quality from all kinds of views (as per measurement, quality & workmanship, etc).      

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Commercial Procedural initiation:

For a particular order, from the very beginning, the commercial department should be spontaneous for all documentation for example, from the master L/C inception to the opening of the all the related back to back L/C and to support the suppliers arranging the documentation to provide the acceptance or the TT processing, etc. The commercial department should also be conscious regarding every transactional activity to the bank as well as the buyer for the proper facilitation.


In the case of sending/receiving the goods, the role of the commercial department is very important as all kinds of documentary activities are finalized by the commercial department. During the period of the FRI i.e. final random inspection, the commercial dept communicates the buyer for his nominated forwarder to book (initial booking) the preliminary container if the garments pass that can be sent availing the container.


When the buying house or the buyer or the third party gives final consent to send the goods, the commercial department contacts the forwarder so that the goods can be sent availing of the booked container.


After the FRI passes, the permission for hand over is sought and if the permission is available, the goods are immediately sent to the C & F i.e. clearing & forwarder’s possession that bears the onward responsibility for the goods. The commercial department uninterruptedly communicates to the buyer, forwarder, etc. At a convenient time (after the buyer’s approval), the forwarder sends the goods to avail the mother vessel (generally in Colombo, the mother vessel is availed) and by this vessel, the goods are sent to the buyer’s nominated C & F’s possession.


The buyer then picks the garments to his warehouse or to his sales outlets for final selling.


Earlier, regarding the company profile of Designer Jeans Ltd was to be inserted lastly which is given in the subsequent pages. This report concludes by inserting the company profile. All necessary information regarding the company is included here. The profile of the company depicts a brief introduction of the company denoting its main business, marketing system, main buyers, assets, transaction systems, main products, yearly turnover, vision, etc.

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